Think Ferrari meets Tesla in the dirt

Battle Approved Motors is an early-stage startup company developing electric vehicle technology for work and performance based side-by-side vehicles.

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It's the new style!

As of now, one would purchase a $30,000 UTV fitted with cheap and weak parts. Another $30,000 would then need to be spent “to try and make it safer and stronger” via suggested fabrication shop upgrades, which can end up being over $100,000.


After all that work, one would still have a glorified golf kart that was not designed to perform to the spec that companies are portraying in photographs and videos.


Until now…

Introducing Freestyl3

The Ultimate Electric UTV

“We are like the Ferrari of UTVs,” says Mark Gantt, Business Development at Battle Approved Motors.


Luxury is purely about ownership experience and performance. This Ultimate Side by Side is powerful, strong, stylish, and tailored for the weekend warrior and modern family.

e103 model (0-60 in under 4 secs) 


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The first high-end custom Electric UTV.

Phoenix, AZ 

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