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Call in Procedure

We use third-party service CleanFeed.

This gives us a clearer line and patches guests direct to our studio.


Guests will receive an email link from CleanFeed 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time.

Guests need to click on the link in the email from their iPhone 


* iPhone headphones and mic work well for calls 

* Guest needs to be in a quiet place (away from family & pets) and on WiFi

* No calls via Speakerphone

From your iPhone


1. Click on the email link saying CONNECT (in green) from CleanFeed

That will open a screen on saying - Apple device in use BETA


Go ahead and click on Yes, I’d like to test at the bottom


2. Then click on the green Start 

It will ask you access your microphone, so click on Allow 


You should then be patched directly to our studio for the podcast :) 




Guests that do not have an iPhone, may use a desktop/laptop and open up the link via Chrome. Guests also need to wear headphones with a mic for the call.


"We invite guests that we feel are battle approved in their line of expertise"

Producer/Host: Chris James

Takeover Hosts: Chris Nunes and Dave Arnold


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